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BAUD Evidence Scientific Validation

Background and Evidence

What are binaural beat/frequency/pulses/tones?

  • Two separate auditory frequencies that are presented to a subject
  • Each frequency is heard in only one ear.

What is the Binaural Pulse Modulator?

  • Device that produces Binaural Frequencies that can be individually adjusted.
  • Auditory stimulation in the range between 0-350 Hz (can be adjusted independently).
  • Main auditory frequency can be adjusted in a range from 0-330 Hz.
  • Secondary control provides an offset range from 1-20 Hz.
  • The difference is what is perceived/combined in the brain

Goals of study

  • To determine whether the BPM could be effective in alleviating symptoms related to emotional distress.
  • Collect (a small subset of participant’s) biological data to determine if BPM has an impact on the functioning of the brain.


  • 59 adults, age ranging from 18 to 60 years.

•Evaluated by three clinicians, as well as completed 2 self report measures.
•Criteria based on DSM-V(R) Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, or high levels of distress.

•Participant allocation (performed via randomized block design)

•(A) BPM Treatment group
•(B) Treatment as usual group
•(C) Sham treatment group
•(D) Wait list control group

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